About Us

SearchVis Limited is a UK registered company set up by Dr. Gordon Rugg and his associates. The company owns the patent for the Search Visualiser.

Gordon Rugg is a specialist in finding new solutions to difficult problems. His previous work includes finding a previously-overlooked possible solution to a centuries-old mystery which had defeated some of the world's best code-breakers, the Voynich Manuscript. http://www.wired.com/wired/archive/12.09/rugg.html

The Search Visualiser

The Search Visualiser offers a solution to several problems involving online search and making sense of documents. One is finding the most relevant records when a search engine returns huge numbers of hits, most of which are irrelevant. Another is finding the relevant section of a long document, such as an online manual which is several hundred pages long.

The core concept behind the SV is simple. You can tell a lot about a document just by seeing where your keywords occur within it. Imagine that you're seeing a printout of the entire document with colour-coded highlighting on each of your keywords. The illustration show what happens when you do this for the text of Macbeth, with red highlighting for where the word "sleep" occurs and green highlighting where the word "witch" occurs. You can see at a glance that there's an opening section with many mentions of "witch" and one mention of "sleep". Then there's a gap, with neither word mentioned, and after that, there's a section which mirrors the opening section – many mentions of "sleep" and one mention of "witch". With SV, you're able to see this sort of pattern within a document the size of an entire Shakespeare play in just one image.

The SV site contains more information about how you can get the most out of SV. We'll be bringing more features soon, including the text of the Iliad, and of key sections of the Bible.

We hope you'll find the site and the Search Visualiser interesting and useful. Happy searching!

Mentions of 'sleep' (red) and
'witch' (green) in Macbeth